About the company

The company «Vladpressa» was organized in 1993.

Vishnyak Pavel Nikolaevich’s (1965) the founder of the company.

The company «Vladpressa» began it`s activity with crafting of representation of the all-Russian sports newspaper «Sport-express». The first number of «Sport-express» left in Vladivostok in April of 1993.

August, 10, 1993 was the date of beginning of activity on distribution of periodicals of the Vladpressa LLC. Till that date — from April, 1993 — the Vladpressa LLC has already sold newspapers in a single kiosk rent with «Sportloto».

In August, 2003 the company received in the time order 23 booths of a network «Tickets» of ТТM of Vladivostok — for carrying out of a city experiment on free journey to public transport. The Vladpressa LLC kept the kiosks rent with renewal of payment for trip. Soon the booths were redeemed, and the ground areas under them were issued in rent.

In 1994 the company won tender on the JSC «Unionstamp» privatization. The company owned 28 kiosks in Vladivostok, Ussuriysk, Nakhodka.

Soon competently organized management allowed redeem all competitive networks of distribution in the city and edge. All the booths of the JSC «Unionstamp» of Vladivostok were redeemed. At the same time in Moscow negotiations with publishing houses about new conditions of joint activity. As the result of the negotiations the exclusive treaties on delivery of periodical production were concluded with the top publishing houses.

2000. The joint letter between the company «Vladpressа» and the five world biggest publishing houses represented in Russia — «Burda», AFS, «Independent Media», «Gruner & Jahr», «Axel Springer» about setting rules in distribution of newspaper-journal production on the territory of Russia was signed.

2004. The year of the beginning of independent publishing activity. The journal — weekly «The TV-set», a guide on channels, began to live. Soon the rights on living of the tabloid «Life» (the analogue «Sun») were acquired. Circulation around the Far Eastern federal district accumulates 250000 copies. Several other newspapers were edited by general staff.

2005. The governor of the Amur region Leonid Korotkov invites the Vladpressa LLC to craft a system of press distribution similar to those which was organized in the Primorsky krai. In the Amur region all the networks of such a business were bought up. In 9 months the level of press sales in the region grew in 16 times.

2007. The Vladpressa LLC came to the market of «the supermarkets». Nowadays it’s represented in more than 70 supermarkets of the Primor’ya — in the towns and the settlements — Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Ussuriysk, Artyom, Dalnegorsk, Arsenyev, Partizansk, Lesozavodsk, Chuguevka, Vrangel.

2007. Because of economical and political situation in Russia the decision to stop publishing activity as not affective has been made and to concentrate on development of a system of press distribution by opt and in retail. The rights on edition of all the newspapers are sold. (Except the newspaper «Sport-express»). Means are invested in a trade network.

At the present time all the subdivisions of the company continue active development, increasing of assortment of periodicals and trade turn-over. The Vladpressa LLC owns offices, storehouses and also transport.