Our achievements

As a result of 2001 the OC «Vladpress» was awarded with the diploma
«For creation and an effective utilization of high technologies in advancement of editions to the consumer» of the publishing house «Commersant».

As a result of 2003 the company became the winner of the competition «The leader» among the regional enterprises distributing periodicals through booth networks in nomination «The leader of a service of a booth network».

In November of 2005 the OC «Vladpress» again convincely confirmed it’s priorities on the All-Russian exposition «Press 2005» which is annually carried out with the Union of publishers and distributors in Moscow. Approximately 500 states not only from Russia but also from the CIS countries participated in the exhibition. The company «Vladpress» was awarded with the maximum number of diplomas and won in 4 of 6 competitive nominations: «The leader of technology of sales», «The leader in circulation policy», «The leader in scope of population» and «The leader in the economic effectiveness». On the business-assembly of printing mass-media which was organized within frameworks of the exhibition the OC «Vladpress» the figurine of «Gold Merkury» as was handed over the leader of sales of periodic printing editions. The company «Vladpress» was repeatedly awarded with diplomas of the leading Publishing houses of Russia for high achievements in organization of a modern system of distribution of periodicals on the Far East.